Ralph Hassel

Goal 5 Leader

Ralph E. Hassel is a retired program manager for Lockheed Martin. He has been an active member of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul for 18 years. He has served the Society as Conference president for six years, diocesan council president for seven years, regional vice and president for the South Central Region, and a member of the national board of directors for six years. While serving as chair of the Conference Concerns Committee, while a diocesan council president, he was responsible for leading the development and adoption of the National Standard Bylaws. Ralph is a trained Formator and, in conjunction with National Council staff, developed the Ozanam Orientation Program, including training for Formators and Participants. He is currently participating in a subcommittee to revise and update the Ozanam Orientation. He has lead multiple workshops on Conferences and home visits. Ralph established a regional office for the South Central Region with a paid staff to assist the Council in the region in their operations, and to provide oversight to several long-term recovery programs stemming from disasters in the region. To date these effort have provided more than $5 million in assistance to victims of these disasters. Ralph graduated from Southern Methodist University with both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering.