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 Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI):
Help Others Do It Right the First Time

About 38 million Americans live with severe disabilities, and they are more likely to experience persistent poverty and unemployment. SSDI is often a lifeline for former workers, providing a monthly income and access to Medicare. SSDI benefits keep 3 million Americans out of poverty and reduce the depth of poverty for another 1.9 million people.1

Allsup is a resource for Vincentians seeking to help friends-in-need with disabilities.Connecting them with Allsup increases their chances of avoiding the backlog and of being approved at the initial application level by 50%! Receiving benefits quickly helps avoid the negative consequences of little or no income for an extended amount of time.


How Project Empower Helps
Project Empower provides immediate assistance to individuals who need to determine their eligibility for SSDI and return to work benefits, and helps eligible individuals complete the application process.


What You Can Do
• Include Project Empower, and the website SVDP.Allsup.com in conference/parish resource lists.
• View and share the Project Empower training video at bit.ly/ProjectEmpower.
• Refer individuals who are not working due to a disability to SVDP.Allsup.com.
Share your results, get valuable data to assist with securing grant dollars.

Social Security Disability Insurance: A Lifeline for Millions of American Workers and Their Families (2015), WhiteHouse.gov.