S2Verify - Q&A

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Q. What does this service do?
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
S2Verify is a full service background-screening provider, and has been established as an industry leader through their extensive experience, focus on cutting-edge technology and world-class customer service.
A National Council Partnership
Once a consent form is completed, employees and volunteers can be screened by simply entering a name, address, and social security number. The basic package includes: past address history with SSN verification and National Criminal Database search and clear results are typically available instantly. Totaling more than 600 million records, the National Criminal Database includes a Sex Offender Registry for all 50 states (complete with photo identification), Terrorist Watch List, Department of Corrections & Admin Office of Courts in many states, Patriot Act lists, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), among numerous other sources nationwide.
Q. Why should I do this?
Today, it is extremely important that volunteers and employees are screened, as they are working more closely with clients and handling sensitive information. This helps ensure that you, your Conference, Council and the National Council are protected. Bad public relations can become national news almost instantly. Proactively screening employees and volunteers will help protect yourself and the Society from potential problems.
Q. Do we have to use S2Verify for background checks?
No, but S2Verify has worked directly with SVdP to offer a customized screening program and affordable pricing to local Conference and Councils. S2Verify’s client retention rate is over 99 percent, and it has worked with numerous nonprofits, religious organizations and Catholic Dioceses nationwide. In addition, they were ranked 193rd of the Inc. 500 list of fastest grown private companies in the US.
Q. How does this benefit me?
In a word - PROTECTION. You can rest peacefully knowing that volunteers and employees have successfully completed a background check prior to their work with SVdP. By using S2Verify, you are saving yourself time, resources and money. All of the hard work has been done for you. The only thing you need to do is to set up an account.
Q. Is this cheaper than comparable services?
S2Verify has partnered SVdP to offer special rates for local Councils and Conferences that are below the going market rate.
Q. Has this company been vetted by SVdP?
S2Verify has been researched and thoroughly evaluated by the National Council staff on the basis of cost, ease-of-use, and ability to deliver consistent service. In addition, the National Development Committee has formed a special task force for vetting new national partnerships, and S2Verify has been approved by the committee. Not only has S2Verify been approved by SVdP, they are accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), a distinction shared by only 2% of background screening companies.
Q. Who do I contact to get started/registered?

Accounts can be setup one of two ways:
1) Online account setup can be completed through the following link: https://enterprise.s2verify.com/mvp/signup2.cfm?ctype=lk3osKta27exfduJpEzS&crypt=1&acct=busin
2) Accounts can also be set up by contacting Josh Preston, SVdP's National Account Manager at 770-649-8282 x1022, or by email at joshua.preston@s2verify.com. He will provide you with the necessary paperwork to create your account under SVdP’s national program.

Q. Has a local SVdP Conference/Council had experience using S2Verify?
Yes. Here is a testimonial:
“Hi Steve (Martinez) – Just a short note to tell you that we are completely happy with them (S2Verify) doing our background checks. It has been an easy and pleasant experience and the cost is over $2 cheaper than going through our Diocese. Couldn’t be happier!”
Denise M. Dean, Lincoln District Council president, Society of St Vincent de Paul
Questions? Contact Josh Preston, SVdP's National Account Manager at 770-649-8282 x1022, or by email at joshua.preston@s2verify.com.