Vincentian Pathway Toolbox

Walking the Vincentian PathwayWALKING THE VINCENTIAN PATHWAY: This web page provides a resource list for the Vincentian Pathway program. There are four phases to the Vincentian formative journey: discovering, developing, deepening and discerning. The first three phases define the journey of all Vincentians. Phase IV, discerning, is that part of Vincentian formation in which we explore and prepare for our roles as leaders within the Society. To find the resources needed to help Vincentians through discovering, developing and deepening, click here.

The resources for phase IV, discerning, are identified below. You will find a list of competencies that each resource supports. Click on the name of the competency to see the supporting resources. The name of a resource, a brief description, and information on how to get this resource will appear on another page. The resources listed may be books, publications, seminars, webinars, and links to other web sources. The resources referred to here are for development of skill sets related to various roles of Vincentians. This web reference will grow as resources become available. 


The Vincentian Pathway Matrix is a visual representation of the various training possibilities that are needed for Vincentians in the most common leadership roles in the Society.  Please review this matrix before reviewing the Resources below. Click here to review the matix.