A5-Systemic Change

“Seeds of Hope”
Author: The Vincentian Familiy's Commission on Promoting Systemic Change
This book lays out specific strategies for implementing systemic change in different environments.  Stories are included that describe how systemic change concepts were used to improve the lives of those living in poverty in various communities.
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“Bridges Out of Poverty” 
Authors: Ruby K. Payne, Philip E. DeVol, Terie Dreussi Smith
Bridges Out of Poverty is a uniquely powerful tool designed for social, health, and legal services professionals.  It provides a deeper understanding of those in poverty: their challenges, and strengths.
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“Frederic Ozanam: Systemic Thinking and Systemic Change”
Author: Ray Sickinger
This article, extracted from Vincentian Heritage, addresses the idea that Frederic Ozanam’s thinking and actions reflected the concept of systemic change even though he never used the term.
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