L-Voice of the Poor

“Voice of the Poor Guide: Speaking in One Voice for God’s Poor”
Author: National Voice of the Poor Committee
This guide is intended to help Councils of the Society speak out for the poor nationally, regionally, and locally. It is vital that the Society speaks in one clear and unified voice that is based on gospel values. The political process is outlined in this document.
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“Voice of the Poor”
This is the guide for those involved in the Voice of the Poor Committees.  It contains reflections on spirituality and summaries and reflections on the Society’s position papers.
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“Speak UP”
Author: Mike Syslo
We can be the catalysts of positive change in this world.  Or, we can remain silent, and let the bad grow worse.  The more we remain silent when words should be spoken, the more we become paralyzed through acceptance of what is.
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“Can Your Organization Endorse Political Candidates?”
Author: Fricke & Associates
During each election season, your not-for-profit organization should take a hard look at the IRS restrictions on political activities to ensure you don’t do anything to jeopardize your tax-exempt status.
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“The Presence of Justice”
Author: Mike Syslo
Peace cannot exist without justice.  We can continue to patch the wounds created by injustice.  Or, we can do what Frederic recommended: “prevent the attacks” from occurring. 
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