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Bridges Materials and Licensing

  • All presentations, Society-produced documents and tools are accessible in electronic form for download and re-use on the Society’s web site · - Members Information site – Programs & Tools – Systemic Change – ž 
  • Bridges Individual Lens – set of 7 DVDs - $150.00 plus shipping  

    The National Council is allowed special licensing of this video set.  This set must be ordered through the National Systemic Change Committee- [email protected]– in order to get the $150.00 (plus shipping) price. $100.00 of this cost is a registration fee that goes directly to aha! Process.  This site registration covers all subsequent use of the DVDs (e.g. there is no license fee required to be paid by those viewing the material, except for those being trained as trainers/formators). The other $50.00 is the cost of duplicating the 7 DVDs, packaging and handling. (Ordering this set directly through aha! Process would cost $350.00).  ž 

  • Bridges books and other materials should be ordered directly from aha! Process, Inc.  at (800) 424-9484(800) 424-9484 FREE or online at 
  • “Bridges Out of Poverty” - $25.00 (5 or more $18.00)   ·
  • “Bridges to Sustainable Communities” - $14.95 (5 or more $12.95) ·
  • “Getting Ahead in a Just Getting’-By World”
Facilitator $19.50 (10 or more $16.50)
Investigator $19.50 (10 or more $16.50)
Two Book Set $38.00 (10 or more $32.50)


  •  The Society is under contract to aha! Process, Inc.  for use of their materials in training our Vincentians.  The Society must pay aha! Process, Inc. $4.50 for every person who attends our train-the-trainer sessions using Bridges constructs / materials: —

  • The 3-Day Systemic Change Workshop — 
  • Getting Ahead facilitator training 

The $4.50/person license fee is only paid for individuals trained as trainers/formators … individual Vincentians or community partners who participate in local programs led by our trainers using the Bridges DVDs or other systemic change materials that incorporate Bridges constructs are not required  to pay the license fee. 

Twice each year, the National Council must send a check to aha! Process, Inc.  for all who attended training during that portion of the year. ž 

  •  Councils / Conferences need to update the National Member Database to record each Vincentian’s attendance at a training workshop utilizing these materials.  On the Membership Database, under the training record for each member, there is a category for “Systemic Change Training.” When someone has attended the 3-day Systemic Change seminar or a portion of it (i.e. Day 1 – Individual Lens), update the database for that individual and indicate the dates of attendance.  If the workshop is broken into pieces over a period of time, the individual’s record should be updated one time.  The same holds true for the Getting Ahead Facilitator Training. If the attendee of the training program is not in the member database, add them and then update the training info.  If the attendee of the training program is not a Vincentian, make sure they are on the list you provide to the National Council Office (or you can add them to the database as an associate, contributing or volunteer member). ž  

  • The $4.50 per person licensing fee should be paid by the hosting Council or Conference to the National Council. Whenever a Council or Conference presents the 3-day Systemic Change Seminar (or a portion of it) or Getting Ahead Facilitator Training, a list of attendees - - who attend the training in the capacity of trainer/formator - - must be sent to the National Council Office with a check totaling an amount equal to $4.50 for each attendee.  The list must include the member’s name, Region, Diocese, Council, and Conference and Date of attendance.  If the list includes non-Vincentians, list their relationship to the Conference (i.e. store volunteer, committee member, etc.). 

  • ž In addition to the fee, it is expected that all who attend the 3-Day Systemic Change Seminar (or a portion of it) will receive a copy of “Bridges Out of Poverty.”  Those who attend the “Getting Ahead Facilitator Training” will receive both a Facilitator Guide and an Investigator‘s Workbook.  When the Facilitators are leading a Getting Ahead program, each participant (“investigator”) must have an Investigator’s Workbook.